From a very early age, Gladys Ayala has always held a deep passion for healing, helping others with their pain and giving back to those in need. Gladys began using massage techniques with family and friends, and it quickly grew from a hobby to a passion. As a licensed professional with 9 years of hands-on experience and being a Senior Therapist at AHH, she remains a strong, highly skilled therapist who strives to improve and prolong the overall health of every client that she sees.

 Gladys began her educational journey at Irene’s Myomassology Institute, graduating in 2008. She worked as a volunteer with hospice patients and began her practice with us when we opened in 2012. Her greatest strengths lie in her progressive treatment plans for pain, ability to deliver outcome, deep tissue work, and her gentle, nurturing personality. Gladys enjoys utilizing the ancient Chinese practice of cupping in addition to kinetic release techniques, sports massage, and deep tissue work. Her goal for every session is for her clients to leave feeling better than when they came in and for them to find improved mobility as a result of massage therapy, no matter what their age or physical type.

As a Senior therapist, Gladys has put in a lot of time over the past year training the newer therapists the kinetic release techniques and helping them grow their foundation in their practice. She gained two months of experience at the Performance Compound in Tampa, where she helped professional athletes and hopefuls to stay in top physical condition. She has also practiced extensively alongside owner Nicole Ledbetter and built a name for herself in the local community. Gladys has also spent time in Seattle working in company with athletic trainer, Alison Warfel, learning more structural manipulation techniques and therapeutic approaches to her sessions. She has also started making lotions and creams for general skin care and as natural remedies for different ailments. In the coming months, Gladys hopes to learn more about pelvic floor techniques and prenatal massage, and is also working on completing her training as a Doula, helping women through pregnancy and labor.

Outside of Advanced Holistic Health, Gladys is a loving and devoted wife and the mother of two beautiful little girls, Nina and Naomi. She views her marriage as a team effort. Gladys also has many other talents such as baking, crocheting, sewing, and scrapbooking, which she enjoys in her spare time.

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