For Elexi, teaching yoga is about sharing with others the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits found in this ancient practice. She leads our Restore class by helping students through deep stretching combined with relaxation techniques, supporting them to accept discomfort and search for balance in the body and mind. Elexi is dedicated to providing every student of hers with a revitalizing experience and does so with an open heart and the vision that, through yoga, we can all become better versions of ourselves: the people we truly want to be.

In her spare time, Elexi enjoys traveling, baking, watching movies, and spending time with her cats. She is eagerly looking forward to her High School graduation this year and ready to make the move into higher education at Schoolcraft college, where she will study culinary arts. Elexi dreams of one day opening her own entirely gluten-free restaurant! As she moves into a new chapter of her life, she remains affirmed in her philosophy that everything and everyone in our lives serve a purpose and that we only need to recognize what that purpose is in order to move above and beyond.

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