After receiving her first Reiki attunement, Donna instantly became passionate about the world of healing arts! She decided to attend Irene’s Myomassology Institute where she grew a deep love for both the art and science behind massage. Donna is a state licensed Massage Therapist and a certified Reiki Master, both of which help her to serve clients with a nurturing presence, using well-practiced methods of muscular energy release.

Donna likes to begin each massage session by checking in with her clients and finding out their goals, so as to customize the experience. She offers intentions of mental and physical wellness to each client and works to provide whatever is necessary to improve their health; whether it’s pain relief, relaxation, tension release, or healing of strained muscles and connective tissues. Donna enjoys using a variety of different massage methods, but the core of her work lies in a combination of stretching, myofascial work, and cupping therapy. Her clients not only feel physical improvement in their bodily function, but also a sense of being well cared for and valued, due to Donna’s sympathetic and loving nature.

This past year, Donna earned the title of “Senior Therapist” by devoting the time to progress her hands-on training and overall experience and also to advance her practice. Donna worked for three weeks at our Seattle office alongside owner, Nicole Ledbetter, which she describes as an experience that helped both her professional skills and personal life. She also participated in the AHH Internship program, where she was able to further her holistic approach and develop the skills to more effectively address specific physical issues. Donna has also created her own line of essential oil blends that are designed to target and help with specific dysfunctions within the body. She is open to requests for creating customized essential oil blends that are outside of her standard line of blends. Despite having learned a lot as part of Team AHH, Donna continues to seek out more opportunities to improve and grow her practice. She is interested in enhancing her energy work techniques, as well as becoming more skilled with Aromatherapy and Rain Drop technique.

Art and music are essentials in Donna’s life. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, going for walks in nature, along with writing and playing music. Her friends, pets, and family members are an essential part of her life, especially her sweet and loyal dog, Gracie. Donna is anticipating productivity and positivity this year, as she hopes to get involved with practicing and teaching meditation as well as developing and hosting her own Reiki Energy Healing workshop.

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