Hana’s first introduction to massage came from a family friend whom she describes as an “empowered, independent, and super smart” woman. Her inspiring way of life and passion for massage have always impacted Hana and eventually lead her to pursue a career in the study of therapeutic techniques. Today, she is a graduate of Irene’s Myomassology Institute and a fully certified massage therapist, which she considers one of her greatest accomplishments.In her sessions, Hana likes to make use of stretching, active resistance, and muscle mechanics to address issues in the client’s physical body. She firmly believes that a happy body means a happy life and that wellness begins with caring for oneself.

Hana approaches each session with a positive energy and the intention for her client’s sense of relaxation and relief to help them feel brand new by the end of their time. With the mind of an athlete, Hana puts a lot of effort into stretching out the muscles after applying pressure in order to allow the body to fully open up and release itself of tension and blockages. She also likes to encourage healthy habits that can aid in maintaining the physical form and create more long-term improvements.

In the future, Hana would like to learn more about fascial stretching and to spend more one-on-one time with our co-owner Nicole Ledbetter. Hana is excited to be the newest and youngest team member here at AHH, as she has many wise and well-practiced therapists to learn from. She looks forward to building her techniques and adding new knowledge and skills so as to better service her clients in the coming months and years.

Unique, upbeat, and bubbly, Hana is always ready for fun! Despite her size, she is a fiercely strong young woman. A workout enthusiast, Hana spends a lot of time at the gym in order to remain in shape and build muscle. She is also an avid reader and Netflix junky. From time to time, she also enjoys traveling, especially to Japan where she can visit with friends and family.

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