Jessica Hillman began her yoga journey when she was in college and became attracted to the idea that a 500-year-old tradition still had a place in the modern world of healing and exercise. She found herself asking why such a practice was relevant these days and so began her experience with giving and receiving the gift of yoga. Jessica has been practicing ever since and has been teaching since 2007, when she received her RYT 200 Certification from Rising Sun Yoga.

Being an enormous biology geek, Jessica has a profound respect for the physiology and natural movement of the body. This passion is reflected in her acute awareness of physical position and motion throughout each of her yoga classes. Jessica hopes to facilitate a deeper understanding of the body’s mechanisms and of how each one of us moves our limbs through time and space. She believes in using awareness of the physical self to develop a sense of reverence for our own bodies, which will mindfully lead to self-acceptance and self-love. Jessica is grateful for the opportunity to teach at Advanced Holistic Health and to be a part of each students’ journey to health and well-being.

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