Laura White is an extraordinary young woman with a heart of pure gold. Her gentle, approachable nature makes her massage a truly unique experience. She always welcomes her clients with calm, soothing energy and a readiness to connect and heal. A massage therapist for over 2 years, Laura is particularly passionate about the importance of building a connection between Mind and Body, and emphasizes this in her work. After completing a 770 Hour Massage Training Program and becoming nationally certified, Laura has worked hard to become a skilled and enthusiastic therapist. She has also completed a 20-hour Reiki program and a 100 hour Clinical Oncology Massage program through Beaumont Hospital, and she plans to further her education in the use of massage for treatment for Migraines and Chronic Pain.

Though she is currently working on learning to use more Deep Tissue and Myofascial techniques as well as expanding her Aromatherapy knowledge, Laura’s massages will always feature a unique blend of intention, energy creation and targeted relief of pain and discomfort. She is looking forward to building a more dynamic and metamorphic practice through her Internship Program at Advanced Holistic Health. Laura’s current approach is quite gentle, yet highly effective; a product of her work with healing and addressing hospital patients with Chronic Pain issues. Laura is thoughtful and sweet with all of her clients and always seeks to improve the physical level of comfort for them. Look forward to feeling refreshed and radiant as a result of Laura’s touch.

At home, Laura is a devoted cat lover, with two Siamese kitties named Ming and Ling. She also loves knitting, music, cycling, and spending time in nature. She holds a Bachelors Degree in English from Oakland University and looks for each and every opportunity to expand and grow her skills in both work and life.

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