Massage Therapy Career at Advanced Holistic Health

Are you looking to excel in the field of massage therapy? 

Are you eager to expand you knowledge of the field?

 If so, look no further than Advanced Holistic Health.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and committed professional, 

who is looking to add to their skill set and grow with a unique 

company such as Advanced Holistic Health.

Individual must be willing to be a team player.

*Must be licensed in the state of Michigan and

 have valid liability insurance on file*

WE want you to grow!

WE encourage self-care and offer free yoga classes!

An AMAZING, SUPPORTIVE TEAM to work with that is

non-competitive and wants you to suceed!


"It is by far the best team I have ever worked for! More potential to constantly be learning and improving. This has been the one and only place I have been that if you open your heart, the possibilities are endless."

- Rebecca Blackburn L.M.T.

"We are a company that is comitted to the health and well-being of it's clients by being commited to always training our therapists."

- Gladys Ayala Senior 

   Therapist L.M.T.

"I did not imagine getting to travel and learn from the most talented and passionate people, who are more eager to share their knowledge and help me see what kind of therapist I want to be. I became a massage therapist so that I could help people...and the people here do that 100-fold. I never get tired of learning from them and I am looking forward to what the future has in strore for me."

-Emily Ewing L.M.T.