What to Expect From an AHH Doula

During your pregnancy, you will meet twice with your Doula before your labor (these visits do not include massage appointments); meetings will give you a chance to get to know each other before the birth. During the initial visit, we will become familiar with your labor, birth, and post birth plans, as well as go over any questions or concerns you want to discuss. The second visit will be with your medical provider to go over birthing and labor plans and finalize details. Any additional visits will further finalize details for the special day. Your Doula can support your preparations for birth and parenthood by offering exercises, activities, role-plays, and referrals to other resources as necessary. Your Doula will want to remain in touch by phone and/or email in the weeks leading up to your birth. Depending on what package you purchase, you will have X-amount of massages to help during the progress of your pregnancy and help relieve discomfort. 

When you are in labor, please call or text to notify your Doula if you think you have started labor, even if you do not need support at the time. 

It is your responsibility to call your Doula when you are in labor and to leave a message if they are unable to answer the phone so that they may make swift arrangements to be with you. The length of every labor varies, so the sooner your Doula is aware the better, as my the fee remains the same no matter the length of your labor and birth. If your Doula's failure to attend your birth is due to a rapid labor, they will provide an additional 3 hours of post birth support at no cost once you leave the hospital or birth center. This can include assistance with breastfeeding, laundry, cleaning, baby care, etc. 

If the failure to attend your birth is due to the doula’s own negligence the full price of the labor cost will be returned to you.