What is a Doula?

The primary role of a Doula is to give emotional and physical support to a birthing person and their support team throughout their pregnancy. To facilitate a stress free birth experience with a satisfactory and safe delivery by teaching coping techniques, offering support, and constant presence through the pregnancy. Through this process, a Doula can offer ease and perspective to you and your loved one(s), make suggestions for labor progress, as well as helping with relaxation and positioning for your comfort. Your Doula wants the kind of birth you have envisioned for yourself and your family. Our united goal is to be completely present for your birth experience—physically, emotionally and energetically. Through using active listening techniques, we will adjust my role according to your needs and seek to promote communication among all members of your birthing team.    

As an added benefit,  each of our on staff Doulas are Licensed Massage Therapists and can provide massages to help get your body prepared for the labor. Receiving bodywork will help loosen your soft tissue and help engage the correct muscles during delivery. Providing the most optimal scenario for a safe and non-complicated birth . There are a number of things a Doula can do.


A Doula can:

  • Provide coping techniques, relaxation skills, and communication strategies for the birth. 
  • Provide methods to advance labor (With caregiver approval)
  • Attend prenatal visits with your care provider when required or requested.
  • Meet with other family/friends that will be attending the birth to get to know them better.
  • Help write/review your birth plan or preferences 
  • Support via phone both during the pregnancy and post birth. 
  • Provide on-call availability two weeks prior to and after your delivery. 
  • Support laboring at home before moving to your birthing facility. (if applicable) 
  • Provide continuous support for you and your birth team during the labor.
  • Provide one postpartum visit for practical post birth support and birth reflection. 
  • Provide great feeding education and support. 

A Doula cannot:

  • Perform clinical tasks such as: taking your blood pressure, fetal heart monitoring, vaginal exams, etc.
  • Make decisions for you. A Doula is there to SUPPORT your decisions. 
  • Deliver babies. Doulas are an integral part of child birth, but we are not midwives or doctors.