Therapists - Detroit

Owner - Nicole Ledbetter L.M.T



Senior Therapist - Gladys Ayala L.M.T


  Gladys began her educational journey at Irene’s Myomassology Institute, graduating in 2008. As a licensed professional with 11 years of hands-on experience, she remains a strong, highly skilled therapist who strives to improve and prolong the overall health of every client that she sees.  Her greatest strengths lie in her progressive treatment plans for pain, ability to deliver outcome, deep tissue work, and her gentle, nurturing personality. Gladys enjoys utilizing the ancient Chinese practice of cupping in addition to kinetic release techniques, sports massage, and deep tissue work. Her goal for every session is for her clients to leave feeling better than when they came in and for them to find improved mobility as a result of massage therapy, no matter what their age or physical type.

Senior Therapist - Donna Rector L.M.T


Donna completed her massage therapy training at Irene's Myomassology Institute in 2010.  With 9 years of experience comes some special qualifications in which include: Reiki master, Usui Reiki (4th degree lineage from Hawayo Takata). Donna feels as if the best part of her job is helping her patients feel better while being able to contribute to their health and well being. Donna chooses to stay healthy by drinking celery juice, smoothies and plenty of water. She also enjoys swimming, stretching, daily walks and cooking from scratch while using healthy ingredients. She is most passionate about music, the healing arts and her dog, Gracie.

Devin Crawford L.M.T


Devin came to us after completing his education in massage therapy at Schoolcraft college and gaining experience at several different work settings over his 4 years practicing as a massage therapist. Devin has a heavy hand and laser focus but don’t let that make you shy away, he can employ a lighter touch as well. Over his 4 years of experience Devin has fine tuned his skill set. Using tmodalities like MET (Muscle Energy Techniques), ART (Active Release Techniques), trigger point therapy, and myofascial release just to name a few.  Much like our senior therapist Gladys Ayala, Devin shares a passion and specialization in prenatal massage and women's health. Devin is also a newly trained doula and is looking forward to seeing what a calm and constructive masculine energy has to offer laboring mothers in the delivery room.  Devin spends his days with his wife Samantha and their three beautiful daughters. When not with his family, Devin spends his time bettering his health via long walks with his dog Honey, weight lifting, and spending time in the ring as Devin is also a professional wrestler. 

Jennifer Clackett L.M.T


  Jennifer attended Everest Institute in Dearborn, MI. She was in a 9 month long Massage Therapy program and competed her graduation in 2014.  One of her goals as a Massage Therapist is to raise awareness on the benefits massage can have physically and emotionally. Her favorite type of modailty to use in her sessions is aromatherapy because of all the benefits that different aromas and/or combination of aromas provide. Her favorite part about being a Massage Therapist is knowing that she is helping her clients have a little peace of mind all while having some time to themselves. While she is still working on her eating habits, she does go to the gym on a regular basis and likes to go for walks on nice days with her children. 

Nicole Korbal L.M.T


Emily Tritt L.M.T


Emily is a graduate of Irene’s Myomassology Institute of 2019. Her love for this career is so important, her hopes are to share her knowledge to her clients all the benefits of receiving massages. Emily is fascinated on treating the body in a holistic way. Her goal is to help people feel their best. Just a few of her favorite techniques include: myofascial, deep work, thai massage,  energy work and stretching! She is also a cosmetologist and loves creating new and fun looks. Emily loves learning and spends a lot of her free time with a book in her hand. If she’s not reading a book, you can find her with her boyfriend, family or on an adventure! Movement is something Emily finds beneficial for the body, she enjoys being outside on her bike, on a walk through the park, or even on a run! During my sessions l like to listen to what the body needs and create a flow that follows. 

Heather Adams L.M.T


Yoga Instructors

McKenzie Beatrice


McKenzie is an RYT 500 Yoga Therapist extern in the Beaumont Integrative Medicine Department. And treats clients with Yoga Therapy here at Advanced Holistic Health as our resident Yoga Therapist. As a Reiki level l & ll practitioner, Mckenzie offers Chakra/Energy balancing sessions, to help one understand their universal energy better. Since receiving their RTY 200 in 2015, McKenzie has taught the Little Yogis class at Yoga for peace (a non profit organization) which has inspired McKenzie to start their own non profit, an outdoor sunset mediation club (Prana Mediation Club) where all ages are welcome. McKenzie is also deeply passionate about sound therapy and hosts a Yoga Nidra with sound therapy class here at Advanced Holistic Health on Saturday mornings. McKenzie also is known for hosting drum circles & sound therapy sessions in the Detroit area. McKenzie’s goal is for clients to enjoy the practice of yoga, & embrace the breath and motion connection. “We all get caught up in the hectic everyday life. Yoga helps us to re-center and balance ourselves while achieving inner peace.”

Alyssa Alvarez


Alyssa is a 20 hour Yin Yoga Teacher & Whole Life Healing Holistic Life Coach. Through Alyssa’s yogic journey for almost two years, it has inspired her to start her own podcast & self growth community called Aura Awakening. Alyssa is deeply passionate about healing traumas and limiting beliefs with modalities such as movement and breath work.  Alyssa also is known for hosting Goddess Circles throughout the area where she facilitates meditative journaling with groups of women, allowing them to learn how to embody the sacred archetypes.  Alyssa’s goal is for clients to empower themselves by tapping into what brings them joy and true soul alignment. “Yoga is everything and you are yoga. The yoga doesn’t have to end when you roll up your mat, you can carry the mindfulness and breathing techniques with you anywhere you go.”

Mary Ivey Suiter


Mary has been practicing yoga for many years and teaching yoga for the last 15 years. She completed her yoga teacher training at Rising Sun Yoga and has since been a member of Yoga Alliance. Her classes often incorporate a blend of yoga poses, meditation, and healing to strengthen the body, mind and spirit

and are suitable for all levels. Her kindness and knowledge of holistic studies makes her classes a place

of peace, comfortability, and restoration.

Peg Darnell


Peg is a certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master Level 2, and Animal Reiki Practitioner. She started her own yoga journey at 55 years old in 2007. Initially, just to adapt her own practice, she became a yoga instructor and meditation teacher. She is nationally certified through Yoga Alliance (RYT 2009), achieving ERYT status (1,000+ teaching hours) in 2011 and YACEP (teacher’s teacher for continuing education) in 2016. To date, she has spent thousands of hours teaching and specializing in adapting the practice to allow everyone to find a practice that fits their individual needs, regardless of physical challenges. Areas of specialization include arthritis (OA and RA); cancer warriors, survivors and thrivers; replaced joints; chronic pain; and stress reduction. Since retiring from a corporate day job in 2017, Peg has been making Reiki-infused bracelets in various minerals, crystals and metals, with a table at various art shows, special trade events, and outdoor markets/fairs. She enjoys spending her free time riding her bike, walking her dog at a local nature trail, or rustic camping.

Vanessa Navarre


 Vanessa has been practicing yoga for over 30 years, and became an RYT 200 certified yoga teacher in 2011. She has taught many styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga at the Wall, in the Chair, and Learning to Fly. She is also a meditation coach, and considers herself a lifelong student of pranayama, meditation and yoga. “I grew up with scoliosis and always had pain: sitting, standing, walking, ...until I found yoga. Yoga enabled me to know my body, and helped me become stronger and more flexible both on and off the mat. With yoga, I am able to live a life with less pain, and that is the gift of yoga I try to give in every class I teach.”

Shelly Armstrong



Therapists - Seattle


Rebecca Blackburn L.M.T


Emily Ewing L.M.T

Emily is a graduate from Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy in Seattle in May of 2017. She has been working for Advanced Holistic Health ever since! Having spent the last two years working on a variety of clientele from professional athletes to office workers, she is highly motivated to use her knowledge and skillset to ensure each client receives treatment specially catered to their individual needs. Whether its using deep tissue relaxation, sports massage and myofascial release, Emily’s goal for every session is for you to “Feel like you can go and conquer your world. Or punch a bear, whatever makes you feel more awesome”.


Dr. Sean Bradley

Dr. Sean Bradley is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician and an East Asian Medicine Practitioner. He has nearly 20 years in the healthcare field where he began his career as a medical specialist in the US Army Reserves when he enlisted in 1999. He received a Bachelors of Science in Botany from Colorado State University, and also completed the pre-medicine requirements while graduating with honors before moving to the Pacific Northwest.  He attended Bastyr University where he received both his ND (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine) and MSAOM (Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).  He completed his studies at Bastyr after attending the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He also travels regularly to Chengdu and Shanghai, China where he works with doctors in both traditional herbal medicine, acupuncture, and Tui Na and has been invited frequently to lecture. Dr. Bradley currently works primarily with athletes, both amateur and professional, keeping them healthy as they perform at the top level of their game. For all patients, he maintains that all aspects of a person’s health; mind, body, and spirit, must be addressed if a person is to reach optimal health and well-being. He enjoys working with students and patients and continues his own learning and training at every opportunity.